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the “King of Skate” (post 6)

Just processed another batch from the King of Skate

Rock on

– Rob


“King of Skate” cont.

tonight on “pictures from the King of Skate competition”

– Rob

Sequential Action

Lizzie and I shot a bunch of sequence shots over the weekend so I’ve been playing around with some edits… let me know what you think…

we also met up with  bunch of the local BMX and freerun guys (more of these to come as well)

rock on

– Rob

A couple more from the “King of Skate”

And the hits keep comin’

rock on

– rob

A Few Pics From the King of Skate

A few pics from the 2010 Ayia Napa “King of Skate” Competition

stay tuned

– Rob

Hail to the King

Congratulations to Raphael Akerstrom for being crowned Cyprus’ first “King of Skate” at the 2010 Ayia Napa Youth Festival, and thanks to http://www.extremecyprus.net for putting on a great weekend of skating.

More pictures from the day to follow so check back soon or use the “subscribe” feature over on the right sidebar of this page to be notified as new pictures and articles are added…

– Rob

First Post

Hi and welcome to the all new Solaris Skate Blog.

Thanks for checkin us out… it’s only new so it’s looking a little empty right now but Lizzie and I are heading out today to shoot the finals for the “King of Skate” comp at the Ayia Napa Youth Festival so check back here in the next few days to see what we shot.

– Rob